Amazon has implemented a new option for returns that works ONLY at a corporate UPS Store®. For the rest of us, this option just causes extra headaches. Using the QR code option will cost an extra fee off your refund from Amazon, and you can only use the QR code at a UPS Store®.


We recommend using the print pre-paid label option.

Once you are logged into your Amazon account and begin your return, select “Email label to a Friend.The Postal Shop is your new friend! Have the shipping label sent to, and our staff will print for a small fee.*


If you already have the QR Code…here’s the work around:

Once logged into your Amazon account,

(1) Go to Online Return Center. 

(2) Click Manage Returns. 

(3) Click View Return Status for the return you want to cancel. 

(4) Click Cancel this Return.  A text box will pup-up to confirm you want to cancel the return. 

(5) Click Cancel this return.

(6) Once you've canceled the return you'll have the option to create a new return. 

(7) When creating your new return, choose “Email the label to a Friend".

(8) Have the email sent to:  

We can print the return shipping label for you.

NOTE:  This work around will not work if you've requested an exchange or replacement, or if you've already been refunded.  You would have to cancel a replacement or exchange order by visiting “Your Orders”.


*The cost for computer print outs is $2.50 plus $0.15 per page.

(The same cost to email and print any items in our store)


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